Dr. Subodh K Sharma

Former, Adviser Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change, (Government of India)

Climate Change is a major threat and challenge for India. Various scientific assessments of climate change in India project adverse impacts on both natural and man-made systems besides various sectors of economy and eventually on sustainable development. The vulnerability of India is further aggravated because of large population, large scale climate variability and exposure to enhanced risk from climate change.

India has announced its Nationally Determined Contributions for Mitigation, besides strategies and actions for Mitigation, Adaptation and Capacity Building in key economic sectors to respond to projected climate change and implementation of international obligations under the UNFCCC and related agreements.

Following elements would receive special thrust:

  1. Livelihood of people in climatically sensitive/vulnerable areas.
  2. Vulnerabilities of people at regional and group of people within the same region, on account of diversity in social structures, economic conditions and needs.
  3. Link between Adaptation / Disaster Risk Reduction and Loss and Damage in the context of extreme events, Analysis of and Capacity Development Needs.
  4. Linkages of livelihood and Climate Change, Climate Proofing, Climate Change Resilience, Sustainable Developmental Goals linkages with hunger, education and health.
  5. Assessment of climate and Development linkages in cluster of issues such as Agriculture and food security, forestry, human health and Coastal Zone Management.
  6. Approaches to understanding and measuring Adaptation impacts.
  7. Adaptation Monitoring and Evaluating Adaptation Actions.
  8. Climate Change impacts on Urban Ecosystems, Urban Biodiversity, Urban Water Supply, Infrastructure, Energy Supply, Transportation and Telecommunications and Smart Cities.
  9. The activities of the Society will not be limited to aforementioned areas only and would be open to undertake, promote and support activities in multidisciplinary aspects of climate change.

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